Room service - Perverted sperm Donut

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In my new part-time job I work in the hotel. My job is quite simple, if guests want something special, I'll fix it and bring it to their room. Recently, a client wanted Donuts and that just before closing time. Anyway, with a lot of love I knocked on his door and was also prayed in. I was very scared that he had not covered his cock, but somehow it turned me on. When he offered to blow his fat old cock, I could not say no. Perverted, as he was, he pushed himself while blowing a Donut over his cock. He turned me over, stuck his head in my ass and fucked me blank in the pussy. A real perverted old bastard. I should not swallow the cumshot, but spit on the Donut so he can eat it. Really disgusting but cool!

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