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From the idea and imagination of many!

<p>Our motto: productions based on the ideas and imaginations of many!</p>

<p>You can find out briefly who and what we are here.</p>

<p>Under the Pinkzilla umbrella, people have come together to re-stage ideas and fantasies. Most of these ideas do not come from the thoughts and ideas of an individual. It is the work of an entire team, in which performers and team members suggest their personal preferences in a story they have created themselves and then the “creative ball” is repeatedly passed on to the next person to fine-tune it. In this way, the ideas and ideas of many form the basis of our stories, which we want to tell our viewers in our productions.

Furthermore, we are not only active in productions, but also in amateur marketing and support. Clip production, profile management, advice and placement of orders to other professional production companies. Here, too, we are a well-coordinated team that you can always rely on.
Our team is always open to new faces between the ages of 18 and 50. If you are really interested, please feel free to contact us using the <a href="/en/contents/canditature" >contact form</a> here on the page! We look forward to your letter!</p>
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