Public fuck at the Venus Messe Berlin

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No Mercy on Venus in Berlin! My first pussy DP and that is the truth. As I was smoking a cigarette, George and Ronny started talking to me. They are just still horny on Venus. Ronny said he has a truck and I certainly never drove it in the truck before. He had me and I went with both guys to the parking lot. George and Ronny lost no time and stuffed my mouth with their hard cocks. Honestly, Ronny rammed his cock without mercy into my cunt. When George pushed in his giant cock I cried aloud, after all, I had long been no fat part in my little cunt in it. Ronny then came up with the idea to put both tails in at the same time, to which I replied that nobody has done it yet. Therefore, I sat down on George his cock and when Ronny then inserted his cock, I was once speechless. It was a new feeling and in the next moment, I already thought that I was inside. I screamed everything together! Extremely horny as the two did not stop after that. On all fours, I should go so that each of them could fuck me again in the super doggy position. George could not stand it anymore and spit a huge load of cum on my face. Whereupon Ronny was a little disgusted and he could not inject anymore.

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