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Police check! And of course I'm due

2020-07-31Evi SkyBlonde, Outdoors, Teen
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I drove my car into my garden and could not believe my eyes! It is really a policeman on the dirt road and wants to control me. And he has a reason too! My license plate is missing! He wanted to take me with me, so I immediately tried to arrange it in my favor. Strangely, he soon knew in what currency I wanted to pay my debts. I could not look so fast as I had his cock in my mouth. I thought, OK, this is my chance and started! After I had sucked his cock really hard, he put me on the hood and fucked me from behind! I have to say! Even policemen can fuck! Now I wanted to control the power of the state and sat on it! What a great ride! But now I wanted cream, a lot of cream! I sucked on his hard cock until the cream in mouth and face jerked! Now I just hope that there is no penalty.

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