Outdoor Fuck with Masked Man

2020-09-20Ashlee Cox and Mini HotcoreFucking, Public sex, Teen
  • 6:58 minutes
  • FullHD

The farewell party from the studio was in full swing and when I saw with my girlfriend Mini Hotcore out the window, we discovered a miser next to the trash can. Naughty, he jerked his fat leg and we two decided to go down to get him ready. I must confess that we two girls were already quite dru... When we arrived downstairs we saw how big his cock was and we decided to help the wanker with the cumshot. Both of us sucked his hard cock and licked our wet pussy. Without rubber with full risk (probably because we were two full dr...) we let his cock in the pussies press. He pushed us hard, screaming the whole street. He held the mouths with us. He just had my girlfriend Mini Hotcore in the deficiency as he pushed us both down and shot us his hot cum in the faces. We licked everything.

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