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Marise Bennet - My first User fuck

  • 8:23 minutes
  • FullHD

Finally, it was time; I met with a user from the internet. First, we have written something and I found him very sympathetic. Even without a nude picture, I met him the same evening. I was so excited! How will he be, what is he in his pants and what his character is? The doorbell rang and I opened the door, got into bed and waited. When he came in he started immediately, that was a bit surprising but somehow very hot. He pulled out his cock and I was really surprised. A really fat cock and he was just like a one. So cool it was to suck a hard strange cock. I worked on it extensively with my mouth before he then penetrated deep into me. A nice feeling so easy to fuck with a stranger Man. Harder and harder, he fucked my hot tight pussy until he squirted his sperm in my face. It was a load of sperm!

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