I just can not stop it, now I stop the photographer from working

2020-03-27Evi SkyBlow Job, Outdoors, Tattoo
  • 4:49 minutes
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He came to take some pictures with me and I was so horny again. Damn, I really have to travel together, I thought! He took some pictures with me when I told him that I had something else and my damn mouth was longing for it. When he asked interested, I came closer and immediately took his cock in her mouth. I think I was something next to me because I sucked and sucked incessantly. Suddenly it was shot and somehow unexpectedly fast. And he said nothing and injected the first shot directly into my throat. I was also very surprised by the amount of cream! But why? I also sucked as if there was no tomorrow. How long could you have resisted my art of blowing?

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