Dad's Friend

2021-04-17Ashlee CoxDoggystyle, Small tits, Teen
  • 24:19 minutes
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I had long been an eye on this man, because he was really really tall and handsome. "If everything is on the scale, then he can only have a big dick". He let me often to his apartment because she had a terrace. I could put myself in summer in the sun. One day I took it to the fullest. When he came home it was not long until the sparks jumped and our thoughts turned to just one. He got his real big cock out of his pants and shoved it in my mouth. "That was exactly what I had imagined." His cock was so hard and big that my pussy was wet all by itself. The thought of feeling his cock in me "as his big cock touch my lips" was just awesome and made my nipples hard. After he had me with his fat cock in my mouth, he naturally wanted to fuck really hard my hot pussy. Without talk back I had his bare cock slide into my pussy. He fucked me really hard and I screamed like a little girl. We have done it really cool.

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