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Cheating in front of Boyfrind

2020-06-09Mini HotcoreAmateur, Cuckold, Teen
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It was a great party. We were totally exhausted and I immediately had the wildest dreams. I was just so deep in my wet dreams when I woke up. Our buddy knelt beside the bed and groped me. Before I could scream, he put his finger on my mouth. I found the action somehow so hot that I participated. It so excited me to cheat on my guy that we did it right next to him. With cum on my stomach and a still unsatisfied pussy, I then made me over my guy. Nice hard, I had blown his cock when he woke up and told me clearly that he does not feel like it. Well, I thought to myself and went back to our buddy in the room. Let's see if he still feels like a second round.

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