Bad girl at the tutoring

2020-06-11Cuckold, Fucking, Teen
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It was a fucking day at school again. Just because I flirted with a classmate, I was sentenced to detention. Barely arrived there, the old George sat and complained that I was late. He asked me how I imagine my future and without a test, I would not get ahead. I only meant to him that there are other ways to pass a test. Since I was immediately clapped to the head that I only think of sex. But the good teacher would help and got me a biology object. Finally a good tutoring idea. Immediately have unpacked his cock and let disappear until it stops in my mouth. As an awesome test object he fucked naturally nice and hard my little cunt until he injected me a huge load of cum in my face. A really heavy load of cum and even the teacher was amazed.

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