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18-year-old customer seduced

2020-03-28Bella XaraBlow Job, Fucking, Teen
  • 7:07 minutes
  • FullHD


In a car dealership what closes, I have driven my mischief. The boss had still hired me for the eviction sale. I should just watch out and call him when a customer comes. On Saturday morning, a young guy came through the door, which I wanted to serve myself. He wanted to buy aluminum rims and the advice on my part turned out exceptionally well. Of course, I first mentioned a very high price to the customer so that he asks for a discount. At least he should negotiate with me. I managed to do that, and my offer was more than convincing. A small estate when he puts his fat cock in my cunt. Really hard this young guy fucked me right on the desk. A dream for my pussy.

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